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My name is Darren Summers and I am an SEO Consultant. I am one of the UK’s leading Scotland based SEO Specialists and I deliver ROI focused SEO/SEM Marketing Strategies that deliver strong organic ranking growth to businesses across the UK.

Darren Summers.

Search Engine Optimisation Consultant.

Hello! I deliver powerful SEO & Marketing strategies with ROI at the forefront of everything I do. This model has transformed business revenues & yielded increased profitability. I cover most niches from finance, eCommerce, travel and IT.

SEO Service.

feeling like a team member is really important to me

How & Why

Search Engine Optimisation is thought to be one of the most invested digital service for businesses across the globe in 2021.

Search Engine Optimisation is a real passion of mine. I love the rewards for my clients and I get a great feeling when we reach that page one goal on Google. It is not for the faint hearted, there is no overnight success with this. The days of manipulating Google are long gone, you need to feed Google exactly what it wants and it can take a while to see results.

My SEO Services factor in all aspects of Google’s core algorithms and I constantly monitor changes to this.  Search Engine Optimisation & SEM Strategies are modelled purely on search intent, quality factors of your website, trust &reputation and overall user experience.

The last 10 years of my life have been spent developing websites and then marketing them, concentrating fully on Googles algorithm. I own other businesses that I have built from scratch that now do very well. My SEO service has generated over 5 million pounds of transactions online.



Full management of all SEO and PPC campaigns. On-site and off-site marketing to increase your exposure on Google. ROI is a key part of this managed service.


This is technically the first place that any good SEO specialist would look to find potential problems or even potential wins. On-Site SEO is a major part of any good campaign.


This service is the most time consuming part of a campaign. Networking with websites, bloggers and weekly monitoring of in-bound and out-bound links play a vital role in the 100s of metrics that determine how Google position your domain.


How you funnel visitors to your website and the action they  take is really important. ROI is vital to my campaigns. I want to make sure your leads or sales are working for you and you have the perfect journey for a potential customer.

The top 3 results on Google receive 75% of all traffic. My goal is to get a big chunk of that 60% to land on your website and make sure your website is providing the user with a journey to take.

As a leading SEO Consultant in Scotland and the UK, I have helped businesses generate over 5 million of sales online.


“After years of failed attempts to improve our organic exposure in Google and thousands of pounds invested into the wrong type of agency, we can happily say that Darren has delivered exactly what he said they could.”

Stuart Hill – CEO, MRS Edinburgh

It is really important for me to understand what your business sells or provides it’s customers. We can arrange for me to come to your place of work or you can head to my office (my home) and enjoy the best view in Scotland (voted by me).

This part is actually the most important part, it allows me to properly understand your business and the SEO requirements that will bring in the best ROI.


When I have everything I need I will create a document of works that I will deliver on a monthly basis. The tasks will be created specifically for your business and are never generic. I research and study keywords, competitors and even your products. I may even make a  sneaky purchase to then give your business my own review.


Delivering SEO is a slow process but it does not mean results have to be slow. I use some great reporting tools and will tailor a monthly PDF to be sent to anyone in your business who you think needs to be monitoring this. The report will show positions movement on Google, new/lost backlinks and traffic levels from every source imaginable.


With SEO you always spot things that need improved, mostly this will come from the customer journey, bad content or a poor user experience on the website hindering conversions. I have a background in development and also great contacts that I can manage projects on a task by task basis.

Although, I’m  usually able to handle most things myself.




I am happy to provide most businesses a free seo proposal

    Can you grant search console acess / google analytics acess?

    What Will My Proposal Include?

    I know exactly what your business wants to see in a proposal. General comments on website build quality for SEO is the first thing I will look at and make recommendations in my proposal. I also include a fully audited off-site report. This will include backlink profile, trust scores and a number of other quality scores. Once I have completed the above I then look at your target market based on your website copy. The target marketplace will include keyword groups, existing positions, competitor authority and general on-site checks, I can then look at a rough timeline based on competition, plan of action and associated monthly cost for work. The proposal will give you a good starting point and also a rough timeline on when you can expect improvements and also what sort of ROI you can expect when results are delivered.

    How long will my proposal take?

    Just to be clear, proposals do take a few days to complete. I also wont just do any proposal for every type of business. If I do not feel like I would be able to help I will just simple let you know by email.

    For proposals I do wish to investigate more of I may contact you to ask a couple extra questions especially if I am unsure of what your business does. It’s quite amazing the amount of businesses that do not clearly explain the actual service or product they are selling.


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